General about our selection process

1. How does the selection process in your company take place?

The selection process in our company is divided into several phases. In the first phase, we collect all the applications. Based on specific job requirements we select suitable candidates who then receive our additional standard questionnaires. In the next phase, we invite the most suitable to the first round of interviews, followed by additional interviews for the best candidates. All job positions have several rounds of interviews, depending on complexity of job position. All of the finalists also have basic psychological testing. During each selection phase, we notify candidates upon selection for the next interview.

2. How long does the selection procedure for the vacancy normally take?

Selection process takes approximately a month and a half from the beginning (posting a job advertisement) to the end of the process (selection and confirmation of selected candidate).

3. Can I also apply to jobs that are outside my country of residence?

Yes, if position is global and if it’s specially written in job advertisement that the location is not important. In other case, you can apply to the position if you’re willing to allocate. Keep in mind that we employ local medical and sales (field) force, so in this case country of residence is also a selection criteria.

4. What do I do in case there are no job vacancies suitable for me but I still want to send a general job application?

You can send us general application via special form you can find on the job portal (below all listed vacancies). We will overview your application and assess your general organisation fit. If we will consider you an appropriate candidate we will invite you for the interview.

5. I really want to work in your company but I don't have proper working experience. How can I break in?

We advise you to regularly check open job positions’ requirements and qualifications. Depending on job vacancy, we expect some professional experience, but you can build up your experience also with student work, through working in student organisations, working with NGO, having internship experience or any kind of other project-related work. All experiences count!

Applying for a vacant job post

6. What happens after I submit my application? When can I expect an answer?

After you submit your application you should receive a conformational email. We will look through your application and inform you if you’re a suitable candidate for the next phase of selection process. If yes, you will receive our additional standard questionnaires, if not, you will receive a notification email.

7. Should I also call after applying online to check that the application was successfully submitted?

There is no need for additional call. If the application was successfully submitted you will receive a conformational email. If you do not receive it, you can try applying again or write us an email on career@medis.com.

8. What can I do if I’m not able to find relevant industry or work experience at the section where I need to define my work experience?

Try to classify your job experience into offered industry or positions (at least on general level). Have in mind all other industries (beside pharmaceuticals, healthcare, FMCG … ) are listed at “other industry”. If you really have some unique work experience which you can’t classify into any of the categories, you also have an additional option below this section to manually write your most relevant experiences.

9. Can I submit more than one attachment to the application?

Beside your CV you can add up to one more additional attachment by your choice (e.g. motivational letter, additional education certificate). We would like to emphasize these attachments are not mandatory. If you want to add more attachments, please merge them together into one file.

10. What types of documents can I submit to the application?

You can submit only documents with file format of .doc, .docx and .pdf. All others won’t be uploaded to your applications.

11. What should I do in the event of an error on portal / webpage?

Try to close the page and try to apply again. If it still doesn’t work, we kindly ask you to send us an email to career@medis.com with a print screen of the error on the portal. This way we could develop our site and offer better user experience. In case of this error you can, of course, apply also via aforementioned email.


12. For which educational area and how many scholarships does the company offer?

We offer scholarships for pharmacy, medicine, economy and IT educational areas. The number of scholarships depends on the employment needs inside our company but also on the quality of received applications.

13. When are the scholarships normally published? Are they published several times per year?

Pharmacy scholarships are published once every year (usually in May or June). Scholarships for other areas are published every few years, depending on the needs. Beside on our webpage, we also publish call for scholarships on corresponding faculties.

14. In what year of study can I apply for a scholarship?

You can apply after second year of studies.

15. What are the criteria on which it depends if I will receive a scholarship?

There are several selection criteria. Among applications we select the best based on their motivation, general impression and also extracurricular activities, whom we invite for the interviews. We do not expect relevant work experience at this point, since we understand you are still a student. On interviews and through psychological testing we access candidates’ potential, cultural and organisational fit, their values and their openness to learn new things.

16. What are the obligations of a scholarship holder and when can I expect after completing my studies (if I have been selected as a scholarship holder)?

When you become our scholarship holder we offer and also expect that you will participate in at least of two weeks summer student work, which covers different work areas. If you are willing to, you can participate in different ongoing projects as well, depending on your initiative and our capacity at that moment. After you finish your studies, you will most likely be employed (depending on our current possibilities and needs) in our company and begin with an internship. Depending on your years of scholarship it’s your obligation to work for our company for same amount as well (e.g. if you received scholarship of two years, we expect and offer you employment for at least two years).

Student work

17. Is it possible to do student work in your company?

Yes. When there is temporary additional need, we publish student work inquiry at student organisation webpages. During the summer we have a priority list of students, beginning with our scholarship holders, following with family members of our employees. If there is any additional work left, other students are able to join. For all other needs please follow student organisation webpages.

18. What types of student work can I do in your company?

We offer different kind of help, depending on the need. Usually there is need for basic support in marketing or support functions. Summer student work is usually short, mostly labour work with some basic administration work.

19. Is there a possibility of employment after the student work?

Yes, we value hardworking students, who are flexible in sense of being able to work in different work areas. Students who show potential and prove themselves as valuable part of our team are always recognised and after they finish their studies also employed. We do not support employment before finishing studies, because we believe education is as important as work experiences are.